Fresh and healthy, from our farm:

  • organically grown

  • grass-fed

  • pasture-raised

Welcome to White Oak Farm of Birchrunville!

On thirty acres in northern Chester County sits a family-run farm in a peaceful hamlet of a village called Birchrunville. The animals and produce are raised and grown here using sustainable organic farming methods. We believe in raising happy animals in a peaceful environment with ample pasture to roam.

Our animals are pasture-raised and organic grass-fed. We maintain a herd of 20-30 Black Angus cows, a flock of 2-3 dozen chickens and an annual flock of roasting chickens.

All of our produce and produce products are organically grown.

We welcome visitors to our farm. Please call ahead to ensure that one of us is available to give you a tour.

- Jeff and Nancy