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  • Black Angus Label

    Black Angus

    Shares of a cow are sold annually. The cow weights in for butchering at approximately 1,500 pounds. We use the dry-aged method for hanging the beef. Each quarter share of beef at time of pick-up weighs an average of 130-140 pounds.

    Price per share varies by the year - call for current price.

  • Egg Label


    Our current flock is made up of Rhode Island Reds, Bard Rocks and Buff Orpingtons. Eggs are sold weekly on Saturday mornings from 8am - 12 noon on the front porch of the Birchrunville Café. Arrangements can be made to pick up your weekly eggs directly from the farm.

    $5.00 per dozen or $2.50/half dozen

  • Hen Label

    Roasting Hens

    Hens are available annually on a pre-order basis. Price varies per year - call for current price.

  • Produce Label

    Produce & Flowers

    These crops and pricing vary by the season - call for current price.

  • Hot Pepper Label

    Hot Pepper Seasoning

    sold out this season

  • Garlic Label


    sold out this season

  • Hay Label


    Locally cut organically grown hay/small bails.

    Price varies by season - call for current price.